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1Ludmila A. Beloslutzeva[Россия], Nadezhda Serdyukova[Россия]Impact of Mega-Events on the Formation of Economic Capacity Development of the Destination2015, March1326
2Ivan K. Avdienko[Россия], K.S. Kuznetsova[Германия]Modern Effective Methods for Promoting Hospitality Services2014, December1275
3Elena Barmina[Россия]Major Focus Areas of Research in the Sphere of Tourism and Resorts in the South of Russia2014, June1255
4Elena K. Vorobei[Россия], Evgenii V. Kirdyapkin[Россия]On the Role of Special Tourism/Recreation Economic Zones in the Development of the Tourism Industry2014, December1254
5Tatyana G. Borisova[Россия], Kristof Szymoniuk[Австрия]Economic Effects of the Spread of the Ebola Virus around the World2014, December1217
6Lana Mzarelua[Грузия], Tamar Tamarashvili[Грузия]The Tourist-Recreation Potential and Tourism Development Perspectives of Svaneti – Mountainous Region in Georgia2014, September1206
7Valeria O. Grishun[Россия]Evaluation and Direction of Competitiveness Growth of the Enterprise on the Market of Sanatorium-Resort Services2015, March1206
8Tatjana Pivac[Сербия], Snežana Besermenji[Сербия], Ivana Blešić[Сербия], Miroslav Vujičić[Сербия], Igor Stamenković[Сербия]The Culture of National Minorities as Part of Vojvodina Tourist Offer2014, March1171
9Dunja Demirović[Сербия], Karolina Simat[Сербия], Gordana Radović[Сербия]State Support for Development of Agritourism Entrepreneurship in AP Vojvodina (Serbia)2014, March1165
10Tamara K. Zubitashvili[Грузия]Ecotourism in Georgia2014, June1157

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